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Turkish Dobag Rug

Turkish Dobag Rug

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Carpet ID:DBYNSC034780
Material Wool On Wool
Thickness:7 mm. (approx.)
Knot density:16 kpsc / 103 kpsi (approx.)
Size:1.56 x 1.38 mt.
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Turkish Dobag Rug carpet from Turkey

Dobag is a Turkish acronym for Natural Dye Research and Development Project. This extremely successful Cultural Survival Project aimed at reviving the traditional Turkish art of carpet weaving and produced handsome carpets in northwest part of Turkey, using traditional motifs along with vegetable dyes and good quality hand spun wool. The yarns used to weave these carpets equally contain multiple shades of colors and these colors overall subtly harmonize. These contrasts between them are soft, creating a mellow effect. These hard to find unique Dobag carpets will add color and style to your living spaces.


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