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Tribal Yagcibedir Rug

Tribal Yagcibedir Rug

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Carpet ID:YBYNKL008258
Material Wool On Wool
Thickness:5 mm. (approx.)
Knot density:12 kpsc / 80 kpsi (approx.)
Size:2.91 x 1.92 mt.
  • $900
  • Ex Tax: $900

Tribal Yagcibedir Rug carpet from Turkey

The pure wool Yagcibedir carpets produced in the northwest mountain villages of the Aegean region in Turkey. Their rugs are very durable with a dense weave and very good quality Turkish wool coming from sheep grazing at a high altitude. They are patterned with geometric forms, stylized birds and numerous stars of Solomon, and framed in a border of five or seven bands. The main colors are red in various shades, dark blue and white. Yagcibedir carpets balances rich colors with lively geometric shapes to form a tribal masterpiece.


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