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Bokhara Turkoman Rug 9693

Material: Wool On Wool
Thickness: 5 mm
Knot density: 25 kpsc / 160 kpsi
Size: 11′5″ x 8′2″ / 3.49 x 2.48 mt.
Carpet ID: TRTKBH019693

Bokhara is a city which occupied a strategic position on the ancient silk route. This city was a major trading point for Turkmen tribal carpets. These carpets are hand knotted in areas that stretch between Pakistan and Uzbekistan. The Bokhara design is a traditional repetitive pattern using a design element known as a "gul". The gul design is actually a stylized flower. These attractive rugs' color palette is dominated by shades of red and brown. Bokhara rugs with their all over design work well with range of room styles.